A job that started in 1963, broadcaster Marv Albert will call it a career after the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Albert has been one of the greatest sports commentators ever, and he will leave memorable lines as he bid goodbye to commentate the NBA after 55 years.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has high respect for Albert as he put it, “there is no voice more closely associated with NBA basketball.”

He called 13 times in the NBA Finals and even the 1992 USA Olympic Dream Team. He also voices in 25 NBA All-Star games.

Albert is one of the pillars in NBA broadcasting, along with his emphatic and trademark “yes!”

Here are some of his most significant lines that we will surely miss.

“Yes! And a foul!”

“Yes! Serving up a facial!”

“Not bad for a guy with flu symptoms.” – during the 1997 NBA Finals Game 5. Michael Jordan flu game against the Utah Jazz.

“Spectacular move by Michael Jordan!”

“What a move!”

These are just some, but clearly, most of us will remember how he calls the game a true icon.

Betting you read those lines using Marv Albert’s voice and tone.

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