Decades after entering the boxing ring, Manny Pacquiao still has his speed with him.
People say that our physical abilities will slowly degrade as we grow older, but he defied the odds.
He is continuously proving that his speed will never fade.
Through rigid training and discipline, he was able to slow down Father Time.
But today, let’s take a look back on his fights wherein he is in ‘God Speed.’
Manny Pacquiaovs Emmanuel Lucero
Pacquiao is known as a Mexican destroyer because he defeated many Mexicans throughout his career and some of his best rivals are Mexicans.
Lucero was one of the unlucky Mexican to experience the power and speed of Pacquiao.
They fought way back in 2003.
The match was already over after three rounds. A left hook counter surprised Lucero. He went dizzy as he turned away from Pacquiao, holding on to the ropes and headed the wrong way.
The speed was so fast right exactly as Lucero moved his head, making the punch even powerful. The referee quickly came in the middle to stop the fight.
Pacquiaovs. Erik Morales II
He is a known rivalry that happened in the first half of the 2000s. They held their rematch on the 21st of January 2006.
It was a tight fight.
But not until Pacquiao connected a strong punch to Morales. The Mexican was knocked down.
And as soon as he got up, Pacquiao unloaded a barrage of quick punches until Morales could no longer defend and fight.
Pacquiaovs Jorge Solis
Solis is just another victim of Pacquiao’s speed. Although most of his opponents were victims, he tasted the fantastic speed of Pacquiao’s punches.
Pacquiao is known to throw a lot of punches and combinations. His combinations are lethal. His quick punches are causing his opponents to lose their balance.
Added with power, it makes his opponents hitting the canvass.
Pacquiao’s punches are hard to evade. All of his opponents knew that fact.

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