Manny Pacquiao made the first move towards what is believed to be his next fight, against Errol Spence Jr.
Spence Jr. made his boxing debut since the near-death experience on a solo car crash last October 2019.
Danny Garcia was picked to warm him up after his one-year absence inside the ring. Spence, though, proved that he is still the undefeated welterweight champion and showed no rust on his fight winning via unanimous decision.
One of the top welterweight champions suddenly went to Twitter to reach out to Spence. It was Manny Pacquiao!
The eight-division world champion called out Spence to congratulate him for him.
“Welcome back, @ErrolSpenceJr. Congratulations on your victory,” Pacquiao wrote.
According to the article released by the International Business Times, Pacquiao was impressed by Errol Spence and gave him that fire to continue fighting.
This was confirmed to his close ally, Sean Gibbons.
“Just spoke to @KnuckleheadSean [Sean Gibbons] of MP Promotions. He said Senator @MannyPacquiao was impressed and thought Spence look good. Still has the fire to fight in 2021 and would like to take on Spence,” Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports reported.
Well, this is an interesting story. Does this mean that Pacquiao was more impressed with Spence than what Terrence Crawford did with Kell Brook?
If that’s the case, Crawford’s hope of finally getting a fight with Manny will be again shut down after years of chasing the Philippine Senator.
However, this is just a leak report. Nothing is final yet as Pacquiao remains to focus on helping his fellow Filipino first in overcoming the pandemic.

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