The famous mobile game Mobile Legends Bang Bang will add a new hero to its app, and it is none other than the fighting senator of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao.
The new hero will be called “Paquito” which comes from his surname Pacquiao. It happened when he became the new ambassador of the game.
The skills of Paquito will be all about punches. The combinations of hooks, jabs, and an uppercut. They also call it the Heavenly Fist.
ML teased about it on a newspaper available material where they captioned “SOMETHING BIG IS COMING.”
People started talking about it as they heard rumors that the new hero resembled a man with M’s starting name.
Aside from the hero, it is also reported that a LEGEND skin will be made especially for Paquito. What do you want to see on his skin?
The hero Paquito is also being compared to Chou and Badang, who use fists in the game.
“I already knew Mobile Legends even before they got in touch because my son, Jimuel, plays the game and regularly streams with friends. So why not be a part of what my sons love?” Pacquiao said.
He, however, has a reminder as to the new ML ambassador.
“Maging responsible lang sa paglalaro. May time sa paglalaro, may time sa sarili, may time sa family. Baka naman wala ng time sa Family. Yun din ang advice ko, kailangan na nama-manage nilang mabuti ang kanilang time,” he said.
Pacquiao also confirmed that fee’s would be collected to the country’s typhoon victims and his recent endorsement with Globe Telecommunications.
Would you use Paquito when it becomes available in the app?
ML was born in 2016, and it has more than 24 million downloads.

Manny Pacquiao is the New Mobile Legends Philippines Ambassador (philnews.ph)

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