Manny Pacquiao is a destroyer. That is why he has the moniker ‘Pac-Man.’ He eats his opponents no matter who is put in front of him.
Today’s video is about the unlucky Olympic medallist who was smashed by the rising Manny Pacquiao back then.

On July 8th, 2002, Manny Pacquiao faced an Olympic bronze medallist challenger named Jorge Eliecer Julio.
Pacquiao was defending his International Boxing Federation (IBF) Super Bantamweight belt for the second time.
It was supposed to be a tough fight since Julio competed in the 1988 Olympics and was already a two-division world champion.
But, the fight resulted in a quick beating dealt with dealing with himself, Manny Pacquiao.
The Columbian pride has no match against the Filipino boxer, who was very determined and was rooted in such a low environment.
Pacquiao wasn’t able to compete like Julio in the Olympics and other international competitions to represent his country. However, he did not lack experience. He was already battle-ridden during that time, so he was ready to beat his opponents despite being an Olympic Medallist.
Pacquiao finished the fight in the second round via technical knockout.
Julio, who already fought many foreigners during his Olympic campaign, never thought that he would run into a monster from a faraway land.
He was miserable because before they fight, Pacquiao came from a disappointing technical draw against Agapito Sanchez. Pacquiao was hit below the belt. Pacquiao believed that he won the fight, but instead, the judges called it a technical draw.
Pacquiao was pissed, and he unleashed his wrath on the poor Jorge Eliever Julio.
A combination put Julio on the canvass in the second round. He was already dealing with a lot of damage from Pacquiao’s punches.
He was able to stand up. But Pacquiao quickly unloaded a barrage of strong punches that once again put Julio on the ground.
He was more hurt than the first knockdown as his nose began to bleed, but he could get up once again.
During this time, Pacquiao was showing no mercy to his opponents. He continued to unload massive hits against Julio,
Because of the too much beating, the referee intervened to stop the fight.
Pacquiao was very hype after the fight as he successfully defended his belt and took out his frustration.
This fight is a terrifying side of Manny Pacquiao. He is deadlier when he is pissed.

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