No contender in history has won world titles in more weight classes than Manny Pacquiao. The Filipino legend has done it in eight divisions, an exceptional accomplishment for a warrior who turned expert at 106 pounds in 1995, won his first title at 112 pounds in 1998 and in the end won a 154-pound belt (despite the fact that he weighed just 144.6 for the battle) in 2010.

Pacquiao might have won titles in 10 of boxing’s 17 weight classes yet he never crusaded at junior bantamweight or bantamweight. Rather he skirted them and won his second title at junior featherweight.


The title run started against Sasakul, who had beaten the very much regarded Yuri Arbachakov for the belt (and lineal title) 13 months sooner and was making his third protection against Pacquiao, 23-1 at the time yet not that even well known at this point in the Philippines. This was a youthful, wild Pacquiao whose force was a lot for Sasakul. Pacquiao, down on each of the three scorecards (70-64, 69-64, 68-65), spread Sasakul out for a few minutes with a breaking left hand that remains his calling card.


Pacquiao was essentially obscure when he took the battle with Ledwaba (on the De La Hoya-Javier Castillejo HBO PPV undercard) on around three weeks’ notification instead of harmed Enrique Sanchez. Pacquiao was a disclosure as he amassed Ledwaba, thought about the No. 1 junior featherweight at that point and a person I was extremely high on. However, Pacquiao just obliterated him, breaking his nose in the first round and dropping him in the second and 6th. Pacquiao got everyone’s attention. Leaving ringside that evening I believed that this person could be extraordinary.

Vs Marco Antonio Barrera

Pacquiao moved into another weight class to take on Barrera, the lineal boss and a tip top pound-for-pound warrior amidst an extraordinary pursue beating NaseemHamed to guarantee the genealogy. Pacquiao, the dark horse, followed Barrera like a tempest, dropping him in the third and eleventh rounds before Barrera’s corner quit, leaving him and most every other person paralyzed by Pacquiao’s extraordinary control. This is the battle where the Pacquiao legend was conceived.

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