Here are the second part of Manny Pacquiao’s road to the top of boxing cementing his name as one if not, the greatest boxer of all-time.

Vs Juan Manuel Marquez

Meeting for the subsequent time, Pacquiao scarcely edged Marquez by split choice in maybe the most disputable consequence of their four-battle arrangement. Like the entirety of their battles it was a gigantic fight however Pacquiao was fortunate to escape with the triumph in what was his most unfortunate presentation in a title-winning session. He dropped Marquez with a left hand in the third round, which eventually cost Marquez a draw.

Vs David Diaz

Pacquiao took the action up to lightweight to guarantee a title in weight class No. 5 and, with Floyd Mayweather in his first retirement, set up himself as the pound-for-pound lord. It was a bleeding, uneven destruction of Diaz, a person with a major heart yet not even close to the abilities, speed or force of Pacquiao. This was the success wherein many started to accept that Pacquiao could keep climbing in weight and still be powerful.

Vs Ricky Hatton

Following his destruction of Oscar De La Hoya in a nontitle welterweight battle, Pacquiao dropped down to challenge lineal junior welterweight champion Hatton, who had won two battles in succession since being halted in a welterweight title battle by Floyd Mayweather. Pacquiao was at his overwhelming best, scoring the most great take out of his vocation, a one-shot blow that left Hatton unconscious in the focal point of the ring. It was exceptional and for huge stakes.

Vs Miguel Cotto

In his first welterweight battle, Pacquiao destroyed the blurred Oscar De La Hoya and sent him into retirement in a major miracle. Cotto was his second welterweight adversary and still a magnificent contender, far fresher than De Hoya. This may be the most great presentation of Pacquiao’s whole profession. He dropped Cotto in the third and fourth adjusts, beat him down, strolled him down and halted him in an enormous battle that I see as the peak of Pacquiao’s profession.

Vs Antonio Margarito

In the set of experiences making eighth title win, Pacquiao was exceeded by 17 pounds on battle night yet at the same time laid a savage beating on Margarito in a predominant execution that ought to have been halted in the later adjusts. Despite the fact that Pacquiao bulldozed Margarito, including exacting a profession modifying eye injury and breaking his circle, he made some weighty efforts from him. I see this battle as the one denoted the finish of Pacquiao’s prime and put his greatest days behind him.

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