I bet you have watched Marcelito Pomoy’s performance during the America’s Got Talent Finals right? And I saw some making their video about it
But allow me to share with you my opinion about it as a professional singer too.
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First of all his performance was really great and amazing. Otherwise there will be no debate here nor issue
Judges were amazed for the third time with his out of this world dual-voice except for Simon Cowell.
Marcelito sang Beauty and the Beast
Which fits perfectly to his man and woman voice that shocked the world when they first hear it.
But to the surprise of many, simmon told Marcelito that he should’ve chosen a different song to shock him again
But his choice of song was perfect. Right?
Marcelito even released a video after the competition saying it was Simmon who chose his song. Ironic right?
He then deleted the video because it may stir more the issue
But this just proved that he got robbed? He should’ve have been in the top three at least. Right?
Fans and judges were very dismayed with it
So why did Simmon do it? Doesn’t he wants a Filipino in America’s Got Talent to win????

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