Both Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor neglected to stop Floyd Mayweather in every one of their separate sessions against the 50-0 fighter, yet Chael Sonnen accepts that the Irishman fared in a way that is better than the Filipino.
At the point when Pacquiao battled Mayweather in 2015, the two came into the session as the best dynamic fighters, and two of the best fighters ever.
After two years, Mayweather battled McGregor, who, as we as a whole know, is an MMA warrior who was making his boxing debut against Money.
Given Pacquiao and McGregor’s boxing families, it appears to be very evident who would’ve had the better shot at bringing down Mayweather. However, as indicated by ex-UFC star Chael Sonnen, it was Notorious who made a superior showing.
Sonnen stood up on why McGregor fared better against Mayweather, just as how the Irishman should battle Pacquiao next.
“Pacquiao did much worse with Floyd than Conor did,” he said, as per Daily Mail.
“If that’s the only thing we have to compare it to, then let’s do the fight. Manny Pacquiao? One of the best?
“All of those things are true but he’s already done it once and he did it with Floyd, who’s better than Pacquiao.
“I’m just saying, we don’t how good Conor is.”
At the point when you take a gander at McGregor and Pacquiao’s numbers from their separate battles, the previous recorded an amazing 111 punches during his session, while the last landed only 81.
McGregor likewise won a couple of early adjusts and indicated numerous brief looks at guarantee, in any case, Pacquiao had the option to last the whole 12 rounds, in contrast to the Irishman, whose battle was halted in the tenth.

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