Today we will talk about why Manny Pacquiao chose to sign with the same management as
Conor McGregor Recently, when Pacquiao signed with Paradigm Sports the
tendency of him fighting McGregor rose to an almost reality but it is not happening kabayan

Pacquiao using the management to promote his agenda outside boxing McGregor lied about
Pacquiao fight (Mayweather style) They’re using Pacquiao to be relevant and be more
known.Why are they using Pacquiao? Because everybody loves him.Pacquiao means money, fame,
spotlight, even if McGregor is a superstar in MMA, Pacquiao is
on another level. Or McGregor and pacquiao is using each other for their own different goals.
great game plan of Fury to neutralize the right hand of Wilder. Right hand of Wilder knocked out 41 of his 42 wins.

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