By Bombo Ponciano ‘John’ Melo Jr -August 20, 2020 | 12:48 PM


Larry Demery, one of the killer of James Jordan, father of Michael Jordan is set to be freed after he was granted parole by the North Carolina Post Release Supervision and Parole Commission.

Sentenced life imprisonment in 1996, Demery was able to revert the judgement and will be a free man by August 6, 2023.

Demery was just a teenager along with the other killer Daniel Green when they murdered James Jordan stole his car. Demery is currently on his 27th year in prison.

The death of the older Jordan took a major blow to the stellar career of Michael who then had just won his third straight NBA title with the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan decided to retire after the death of his father and later on played professional baseball. Two years after, Jordan with all his might went back to the NBA to win three more championships.

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