Decades have already passed, countless boxers emerge, but no one has ever come close to how hard Mike Tyson hit.
Tyson is called Baddest Man of the Planet. And the moniker fits perfectly with the heavyweight monster.
At a very young age, Tyson started his career as a boxer.
He only had one thing in mind whenever he stepped inside the ring — to destroy.
Today, we will look at how he destroyed opponents being placed in front of him.
The ‘Iron’ fist of Mike Tyson highlights.

Tyson is the kind of fighter who doesn’t throw jabs.
Let us clarify. It is the only fighter who doesn’t throw jabs.
Every punch of Tyson has that malicious intent to hurt and knock his opponent down.
Mike Tyson’s punches are filled with massive power.
That’s what made him dangerous. He is excellent at evading punches, and when he does, he will make sure to hit you wide open.
Whether it be a liver shot, body shot, or punch in the face.
Tyson was built differently. He has the speed for a heavyweight, along with that speed is the scary power. The power that can make knockout opponents bigger and more massive than him.
He had no fear; he showed no fear. That is why he is one of the best.
For Tyson, there is no opponent he can’t beat.
What makes his punches scary is his body movement. When he punches, his body moves with his hand. It’s like he is generating something, but he is doing it at such a fast pace.
His hips follow his hand. It is Mike Tyson’s secret.
Imagine putting it all. In an already heavy hand, that is added with the hip power. The result is devastating.
Truly, Tyson is one of a kind.

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