Floyd Mayweather is considered as one of the greatest boxer of all time, but he is also one of the greatest trashtalker of all-time.
But there were times that luck was not on his side. There were times that Mayweather got bullied inside the ring.
And in today’s video we will find out who were those boxers who gave Mayweather a very hard time.
The unbeaten record of Mayweather were in danger for several times and these are the fighters who made it tough for him.

  1. Shane Mosley
    Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. fought “Sugar” Shane Mosley on May 1st, 2010. It was a super fight but it was not a title match. They fought without a belt at stake.
    This is also known as “the day I almost knocked out Mayweather.”
    Mosley put a great fight, he even dominated Mayweather but he lost via unanimous decision.

Mosley started the fight strong, but it lasted only until the second round. That was his best chance to beat Mayweather after hurting him with several strong punches that put his opponent on his knee.
Mayweather was ondefense mode barely trying to finish the round standing.
He did finished the round and was able to bounce back on the succeeding rounds to win the match.
It was a tough moment for Mayweather but he showed that he is the real deal and was able to take the punches.

  1. Marcos Maidana
    Mayweather’s fight against Maidana was very entertaining that they got to fight twice, however, Mayweather prevailed on those two meetings.
    Maidana displayed amazing willpower and he went back and forth with Mayweather. He unleashed big punches on the American that made the fans roar. But Mayweather’s chin and strength is not a joke withstanding the attacks and still winning the fight.

Do you know any more boxers who gave Mayweather a hard time? Comment it below!

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