Nick Young has challenged former teammate Gilbert Arenas into a boxing match that could be an undercard for the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Logan Paul super exhibition match next year.
“Me vs. Gil on the Undercard. This [is] for terrorizing Lil Nick,” Young tweeted on social media.
The spat between the two former NBA players was ignited after Nate Robinson was knocked out cold against Jake Paul in the undercard of Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. exhibition match.
Young was seen trolling on Twitter after Robinson got defeated.
“That was no representation of the NBA Family lol,” he posted. Robinson earlier stated that his fight was for his NBA brothers but it did not end well for the debuting boxer.
Arenas, on the other hand, came to rescue Robinson and backed him up for his brave stance to get inside the boxing ring, way out of his comfort zone.
Although Arenas has yet to respond to Young, it can be remembered that they shared some notable memories back in the active days.
Back in 2018, Young also challenged Arenas into a shooting contest wherein the already retired player immediately agreed on.
Arenas brought $100k with him to the gym for the contest, however, Young did not show up.
Arenas won via default by he was reported to sink 95 out of the 100 three-pointers he took.
He is definitely not a good to mess with but does this trend will bring a miracle to the sports of boxing?
Is it healthy or it’s embarrassing the sport?

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