Former NBA player Nate Robinson is ready to conquer another achievement to his already impressive career as he takes on YouTuber Jake Paul on November 28.

The surprising move of Robinson was fuelled by his feud against Paul. They will become the undercard of the anticipated exhibition match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

“I’m just trying to accomplish more goals people said I can’t do,” said the three-time NBA dunk champion Robinson.

“I’ve checked every box and this is another obstacle I’m trying to conquer and to show I’m one of the greatest athletes to ever walk this earth, and I want to prove that. “

Although his height was an obvious disadvantage during his NBA career, Robinson defied the odds as he finished an 11-year NBA career. Robinson was also one of the electrifying player to ever step on the floor. Robinson, at 5’9”, displayed jaw-dropping vertical and athleticism that made him loved by the fans.

Shifting to boxing at the age of 36, Robinson will still be at the disadvantage against the taller Paul but unlike in the NBA their height difference is not huge. The heart will be the determining factor.

“I want to show the world I can do every sport—baseball, soccer, swimming, volleyball. It can be anything. I want to show the world that with real time and commitment, I can do anything,” he added.

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