posted February 23, 2020 at 03:54 pm


By Ponciano “John” Jr.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — It did take long but Emmanuel Navarrete continued his winning ways after an 11th-round technical knockout against his Filipino foe Jeo Santisima to retain his WBO world super-bantamweight title at the MGM Grand Arena here.
The Mexican was dominating the Filipino boxer throughout with his epic volume punches despite hurting his right hand in the second half of the fight.
Navarrete was seen shaking his right-hand multiple times during the fight but still managed to throw 922 punches. He connected 330 including 274 power punches. On the 11th round alone where the referee stopped the fight as well Santisima’s camp throwing the towel, Navarrete has landed 77 punches on Santisima of which 57 are power punches.
“I hit him weirdly with my right hand did hurt my thumb, but I had to plow through it and get the victory,” Navarrete said during the post-fight interview.
“The fight took a long time because I had a very tough opponent.” he continued.

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