The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) are in talks for the possible All-Star Weekend in March to be held in Atlanta.
Indiana was supposed to house this year’s All-Star but was cancelled due to the pandemic. However, NBPA President Chris Paul supported the idea of having a new venue in Atlanta, in one of the city’s historically black colleges and universities gyms.
The NBA will have a break from March 5-10. It’s also the date that All-Star could take place.
Protocols and restrictions will be the top priority due to the cases, of the coronavirus are not levelling down in the US.
If pushed through, the event will still be held with limited fans or with no fans in attendance at all.
Numerous games have been already cancelled in this early stage of the season due to the stricter protocols being imposed by the league to assure the safety of the players, coaches and staff.
Compared to the Orlando bubble last season, the challenge is the travel of teams from city to city, that made them prone to the virus.

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