It’s only hours left before the NBA trade season comes to a close; which team will catch big and which NBA will trade players?

Among the big names still in the markets are veteran and former NBA champion Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon, and Victor Oladipo of the Houston Rockets.

These three are hot in the eyes of NBA teams wanting to rebuild or jacked up their roster for a deeper playoff run. But who among them will be successful, nor will they be traded just in time?

Lowry has been a major piece for Toronto’s uprising and, more importantly, the leader of their 2019 NBA championship; however, the former All-Star wishes for a trade that the team respected. The Philadelphia 76ers are the frontrunner for Lowry simply because Philly is his hometown. A homecoming is possible, and with the Sixers currently at the top of the Eastern Conference standings, he will be in a much competitive squad, unlike the current struggling Raptors.

Frustrations due to the repetitive losses also triggered Gordon to request a trade. The 25-year old high-flyer turned into an all-around baller will surely be a handful to any team picking him. It’s almost certain that multiple teams will court him.

For Victor Oladipo, it is tough to be on the trade block on your supposed comeback season. As well, he just got traded recently to Houston. However, they have the worst record in the NBA right now, so it’s a good way out for Oladipo to find another team wherein he can shine and contribute to the fullest extent.

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