posted July 07, 2019 at 05:28 pm

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By Ponciano “John” Melo Jr.
The reigning World Boxing Association Welterweight World Champion Keith “One Time” Thurman remained confident on his bout against the 40-year-old Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao, as he took another shot at the Filipino boxer by boasting his skill to knock the eight-division champion in the early stages of the fight.

Photo: Wendell Alinea
In response to Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach remarks that he will make “a huge score” betting on the Filipino fighter, the undefeated Thurman raised $10,000 per round bet on himself claiming to knock Pacquiao in two rounds.
“About 10K a round, that’s motivation!” Thurman told TMZ Sports. “I can’t go three minutes going ‘tap-tap-tap’ when I got 10K on the round. I gotta swing a few times, you gotta try to hit a home run.”
In the past weeks, the much younger Thurman promised to end the legendary career of PacMan and “crucify” the champion in their upcoming fight.
With the comment left a bad taste to Pacquiao’s camp, Roach threw shade at Thurman’s past performances as he visibly slowed down in his last fight against Josesito Lopez.
The 30-year-old champion continued confidence and arrogance, as the others may see it, has served motivation for Pacquiao.
The fighting Senator is all out in his training, scheduled for six weeks in California, all in preparation for his bout with undefeated American pugilist. on July 20, 2019.
Pacquiao entourage swore to bring PacMan in tip-top shape as it moved closer to the much-awaited showdown.
Roach was happy to take Thurman’s latest comment as fuel to Pacquiao’s fire.
“I like that, because he does get angry,” Roach said in an interview with ABS-CBN, “I do like when Manny doesn’t like his opponent because he does fight better.”

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