By Ponciano “John” Melo Jr.
As the legendary career of the Filipino champion, Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao is slowly coming to an end. Many boxing experts are still hoping for the next batch of young Pinoy boxers to take the mantle as the next “big thing” inside the four-sided ring.

There is no need Pacquiao proved himself as one of the greatest fighters to ever step into a ring and the once dubbed as the “Pound for Pound King” is already on the last stage of his career as he is already in his 40 and having other calling as a senator in the Philippines that retirement is always been the question that bugged PacMan for the past years.
While PacMan is focused on his training for his upcoming fight against the undefeated American pugilist Keith “OneTime” Thurman, many fans saw a familiar face joining Pacquiao in the shape of his own son, Jimuel.
Many people did not know the first-born of Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao took a liking in the combat sport and started his career as an amateur boxer in the Philippines.
Jimuel already scored three victories under his belt as his blossoming amateur boxing career continues to prosper.
Few months ago, a viral video showcased the skills of the younger Pacquiao as he sparred with another neophyte in a jampacked boxing gym full of spectators.
Now, the “father and son” tandem of Jimuel and Manny has been the attraction in the WildCard Gym as they both put in the work together with their separate trainers.
Manny together with Hall of Fame coach and trainer Freddie Roach are their usual mitts session inside the gym, Jimuel and Marvin Somodio are both doing workouts just around the corner.
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Jimuel and Manny also found a different bonding moment as they both did the heavy bags where the older Pacquiao gave tips on his son in-between rounds.
As PacMan is still hesitant to teach Jimuel, but he the glimpse of a young Manny in his son and he cannot ignore the same “passion” that Jimuel possesses and the same thing that drove him to reach the top.
Manny would rather be the one slugging it inside the ring rather than his children but he wanted to give them their free will on choosing the path they will take and he will be supporting them for their choices.
Will Manny Pacquiao would ever be ready to pass the baton to another Pacquiao? Only time will tell but for now, but now let’s focus on the upcoming Pacquiao-Thurman bout on July 20, where both fighters promised to shock the entire boxing world.

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