Is it true the Floyd Mayweather Jr. will face Manny Pacquiao for the second time?
Will the match awaited rematch will finally happen?

We all know Mayweather has been evading the fight since he won their first face-off, but now that his next opponent Logan Paul, a Youtuber, has been attracting a low audience for the pay-per-view sales their fight has been the move to farther date.
Due to the deadly coronavirus and the conflict on a championship fight on the same date of their supposed fight, the hype for the fight became little to none.
Mayweather and his camp are not liking the situation because obviously, they want more profit to the exhibition fight.

Hence, it paved the way to Sean Gibbons, the president of Manny Pacquiao promotions to butt in and call out Mayweather to fight the eight-division world champion.
“Floyd you can get some!! Senator Pacquiao will send you into double retirement @FloydMayweather,” Gibbons tweeted.
This sparked rumour that Pacquiao-Mayweather rematch is inevitable. Only Pacquiao can attract millions of audience despite the pandemic. So people are pushing them to fight once again.
If Floyd wants money, then it is guaranteed when he fights Pacquiao again.
They can even fight in an exhibition match since Pacquiao has been stripped of his WBA Super welterweight belt due to long inactivity.
So what do you think? Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao in an exhibition match. Still, sounds interesting?

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