It looks like our hopes for the Manny Pacquiao –Conor McGregor, fight were popped like a balloon.
In the looks of it, more hindrances are appearing just to shut the possible fight.
One of the reason is UFC President Dana White.
White, who is known as a critic of, boxing is currently urging the Irish MMA superstar to focus all his energy in the UFC where he truly belongs. The league where he once reigns at the top.
McGregor will fight this January against Dustin Poirier inside the octagon. He intends to go back to boxing after the fight but will White allow it to happen?
It was, reported that White, will go the Saudi Arabia to talk to the undisputed lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. His intention is obviously clear. White wants Khabib to go back after announcing his retirement due to the passing of his father.
Once White successfully stop McGregor from cross sporting and Khabib agreed to fight one more time. What is likely to happen?
Of course! McGregor-Khabib 2 is about to happen.
This is the only way I’ve been looking at how the stories are developing. White obviously want to make UFC leap once again. To do that, he needs to make the biggest and controversial fight.
Because he knew if McGregor inked a deal with Pacquiao, it is the boxing world who will benefit from it. Pacquiao will always attract tons of fans, so is McGregor due to his aggressive personality.

White knows what is about to happen, so he is already making his moves to kill the McGregor-Pacquiao fight.

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