Mexican rival Erik Morales unleashed a straight punch on Ryan Garcia’s dream of fighting Manny Pacquiao.
Morales who fought the Philippine senator three, times experienced two defeats after winning their first face-off.
He knows, very-well the capability of the only eight-division world champion despite already at the age of 42 thus, giving the uprising star a quick reality check.
“Pacquiao with Ryan is a very lopsided fight. Even though [Pacquiao] is old, he can put Ryan to bed in two rounds.”
“I think [Garcia] is taking advantage of being a popular fighter. That is the reality, he is already a champion, but he has to face the best to solidify it because he is hardly an interim,” Morales said in an ESPN interview.
He is indeed a popular boxer especially on social media, The 22-year old American has more followers on his Instagram with 8.4 million, compared to Pacquiao, who has 6.1 million.
One of the reasons, why the poster with Pacquiao became an instant hit even though there was no legitimate talk about the fight.
Given, that Garcia is a die-hard Pacquiao fan and wanted to fight Pacquiao to be the next Pacquiao. However, despite releasing all the PR, it is still far to happen.
Some believe, that anything can happen in boxing, some said Garcia will be upset the living legend because he has that monstrous left hook but if that is his only chance to defeat Pacquiao then clearly he has a very low percentage to win.
It would also be hard for Pacquiao to come down in the lightweight division or Garcia to move up.
Well, for all the trouble it will take, it would be a waste if he would only last for two rounds.

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