posted February 26, 2020 at 08:33 am
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April is just two months away but the next opponent of the fighting senator Manny Pacquiao has not been named yet.vThere are lots of speculations on who will have a shot in the ring against the 41-year old living legend.
But for Timothy Bradley, he would like to see the only eight-division world champion to square off against the rugged Shawn Porter.
“I would love to see him fight Shawn Porter,” said Bradley in an exclusive interview.
However, Porter was defeated by Errol Spence Jr. who was supposed to fight Pacquiao before suffering a setback in a solo car crash accident.
The accident was somehow a blessing in disguise for Porter as he can still be the next possible opponent for Pacquiao.
“That’s a collision. That’s fight. You know Shawn Porter ain’t running,” Bradley added.
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“So he ain’t gonna be looking for him. He’s gonna be right there on the grill and it’s gonna be a war.”
Porter likes to go to head-on making him a suitable opponent for the attacking WBA Super Welterweight champion.

However, it is Danny Garcia who remains in the front lead for Pacquaio before the Filipino icon signed with the Paradigm Sports Management that also handles UFC superstar Conor McGregor.
The move made by Pacquiao hints the possible second cross-fight of McGregor.
“It could happen,” said Bradley.
“Manny Pacquiao is still a good name, great name in boxing. McGregor is a huge, huge name in MMA and world-known. So yeah, fight could happen.”
McGregor first fought Floyd Mayweather on his first professional boxing career. He was knocked out but the fight generated millions for both athletes.

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