Interestingly, just before the game starts, Warriors used to warm up in RAKUTEN PERFORMANCE CENTER 6.1 miles away from ORACLE ARENA. It was located in the 5th floor of the building where multiple courts are lurking. This is a very exclusive place thus you can never get inside without a pass. Obtain permit first before you can enter the premise unless you have media pass or invitation from the team.
Inside the facility, team players, coaches are warming up together and this might be the reason why they became a superstar due to their passion and conviction to win.
Reporters and other hired people such as non team players are hired or invited to do practice with the warriors. Three non team players versus each Warrior team player used to play for warm up.
Along with it is the relaxing ambiance of the center where all players are conditioning their mind, body, and soul just to prepare for each playoffs.
It is notable that Warriors are warming up inside and out in order to win.
NBA is indeed like a delicacy you crave that no matter how expensive you will find a way to gratify your ‘insanity’.
Jerseys, t-shirts, tickets, snacks, and perhaps parking are some of the must-haves during any NBA showdown. Not a typical showdown alright – this is a superstar playoffs that some fanatics claim worth living and dying for!
What is crazy inside the venue are the prices of foods during the game. A burger is worth 14-16 USD (726 to 833 in Philippine Peso), Cheeseburger 9 USD (468 Pesos), Chicken Tenders and Garlic Fries 12 USD, French fries 6.50, Farmer John All Beef Hotdog 9 USD, lemonade is 7.50 while Ice cream is 6.50 USD (almost 400 Pesos) Specialty Cocktails and Premium Draft Beers are amounting to 16 USD so you better opt to a bottled water if you want to save bucks.
But for a typical Filipino, those prices are too expensive as a snacks because a burger king or branded burgers in the Philippines is worth 100 to 200 Pesos only
When asked if the prices are reasonable, Mia said that given the said event it is just okay and not too different from the prices outside. maybe pricier but still worth it as an avid fan of NBA. Mia with her husband Larry are some of the Filipino NBA fans residing in California. They got the privilege to watch when their boss gave them free tickets.
But not all have same luck. Some pinoy struggles to buy tickets worth hundreds to thousands dollars prior to seating location. Mind you, a VIP tickets is more than 10,000 USD plus the taxes and other charges which means more than half million in Philippine Peso! Come to think of it!
On the other hand, the cheapest tickets available for Warriors are around 160 USD (almost 9,000 in Peso) which may require a telescope! Good luck on that!
On jerseys or shirts, the most expensive you can buy in a team store is worth 200 USD (more than 10,000 Pesos!) Some T-shirts are 35 USD (almost 2,000 Pesos) while others are a hundred dollars! Perhaps some other stuffs cost at the same range more or less.
Warriors VS Rockets are one of the most awaited showdown in NBA playoffs and it is not surprising that this is an opportunity for those team stores inside to take advantage.
Moreover, pinoys are food lovers too so when they have budget they will compromise just to satisfy their cravings more often than not.
Therefore, buying tickets, snacks, or spending anything inside the venue come with different motivations. It is either you love the teams, a player, the NBA, and whatsoever.
It is insane to spend too much for them specially when you are a pinoy who must travel from overseas. Like what happened in Game 5 May 8, 2019, where a Filipino named Gerald Tan travelled to California from Makati just to watch it live! Another one from Pasig City named Mar Herrara who spent time and money just to witness the showdown.
So, like how Warriors or other teams’ passion to win, some Filipinos are also passionate and crazy enough to spend because they love and enjoy it whatever how far or expensive it is. They love it, no more, no less!
Anyway, it is in the genes of the pinoy to ‘die’ for something worth ‘dying’ for them. Take a look at the player injuries and other circumstances during the game and behold how passionate all the teams are for the win. If players are crazy to win, audiences are crazy to spend and support. That’s it.
One way or another, both audience and the NBA players or everybody enjoy it and they love what they do. Because if you do not love it you will not spend any pennies

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