Phoenix Suns back in the playoffs after 11 years

Safe to say that the drought is over for the Phoenix Suns. After over a decade of just being a regular-season team, they now have secured a playoff berth.

This will be the Sun’s first time in the post-season since 2010; it was the Amar’eStoudemire-Steve Nash era for a clearer view. They currently hold the second spot in the stack Western Conference.

17-year veteran Chris Paul is a big reason why the Suns are thriving this season. His tandem to fellow all-star Devin Booker has been lethal all season long.

The fans are letting Paul know how good he is playing this season as “MVP” chants echoed almost every home game of the Suns.

As much as they are winning, the Suns could still hold the top spot for home-court advantage in the playoffs as they are only 1.5 games behind the league-leading Utah Jazz.

With still pretty much dozens of games left, the valley of the Sun has already proven how good they are despite not having that much firepower on paper compared to the super teams around the league.

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