WBA Oceania featherweight title-holder Jessie Cris Rosales was forced to be a ‘kargador’ to generate income for his family in the midst of the pandemic coronavirus swallowing countries across the world.

It’s not new to us that most of our Pinoy boxers are poor and are relying to the sports, even it is dangerous, to feed their family and in hope to change their future for the better.

However, with such circumstances wherein all sporting events were suspended, boxer like Rosales has to find alternative job and he ends up being a ‘kargador’ in Cebu.

“I didn’t have any fight offer when this broke out, so I decided to apply for work in industries that are not even related to boxing,” Rosales said in an interview.

Boxing organizations in the country are finding ways to support our boxers to survive in the crisis such as giving financial supports and foods to eat.

With the resume of sports is still unclear at the moment, Rosales will continue to work for a P400 per day job for them to stay alive.

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