By Bombo Ponciano ‘John’ Melo Jr -October 6, 2020 | 9:19 AM


LeBron James was evidently frustrated on the Los Angeles Lakers Game Three loss against the Miami Heat but as well as the fans.
The four-time MVP went under fire on his early exit with 10 seconds remaining on the clock.
James was seen exiting the court and was about to head to the locker but the referee stopped the game as five players for each team should be inside the court.
Frank Vogel, their head coach then sent a substitute to officially succumb the game.
Jimmy Butler torched the Lakers with his 40-point triple double joining James and Lakers legend Jerry West.

James reasoned out that he was frustrated but the fans still thinks that his gesture was a poor sportsmanship.
He has a lot of critics since day one and they found a way to roast and feast around the King on his action.
But does it really shows poor sportsmanship? It doesn’t. The game was already settled and it was only Game Three. Heat is not yet the NBA Champ. The series is still ongoing. It will be a poor sportsmanship if he didn’t go over the Heat and congratulate them if they did win the trophy.
Bear in mind that they are competitors, especially James who is now on his 10nth NBA Finals appearance.
Frustration is the only reason for his action.

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