In this video, it will serve as a proof why Floyd Mayweather is a genius businessman and one of the richest athlete in the world.
In all sports there will always be a fight fans wanted to see and if that happen, millions of viewers will be attracted, in short the flow of money will increase a lot.
But this could only happen if you put two top athletes with each other. Spice it up with rivalry, issues and more, surely it will be a hit.
And one man have it all. The name is Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Today we listed out the Top Five Highest-Grossing Match in the history of Boxing.
And guess what, Mayweather was in four of them!
Let’s check it out.

  1. Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis
    This fight occurred in June 2002 and it was the highest-grossing fight during that time with an estimated worth of $112 million.
    The fight was simply not about money but the bad blood running between the two boxers. The fight became personal and both camp even had a brawl before the fight.
    The match pushed through and Lennox dominated Tyson to win via eight-round TKO. A spectacular way to end the heated fight.
  2. Floyd Mayweathervs Oscar Dela Hoya
    This is when Mayweather started dominating the highest-grossing fights in history. His match against the Golden Boy happened in May 2007 and was worth $136 million.
    It was a highly-anticipated match as the tickets were already sell out three hours after it became available.
    The fans received a great show as they went head-to-head without giving an inch to one another. Mayweather, however, came out victorious via 12-round split decision.
  3. Mayweathervs Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez
    Two unbeaten fighters clashed with each other. This fight bagged $150 million that took place last September 2013.
    Majority was in favour of Canelo as the one who will finally tainted the clean slate of the American. However, Mayweather proved why he is among the Greatest of All Time. He toyed the young Mexican and won via majority decision.
    Canelo was looking drained of their fight that cost him the fight. Currently, Canelo is the pound-for-pound king of boxing.
  4. Mayweathervs Manny Pacquiao
    This is the fight that everyone can be easily remembered. Finally, the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr., and his long-time rival Manny Pacquiao.
    Just by the name of those two, it was already expected to gather enormous amount of money. Indeed, the fight was worth $410 million.
    The long-awaited fight was dubbed as the Fight of the Century. Again, Mayweather prevailed via decision.
    Talks for their rematch are still up in the air but by the looks of it, is impossible to happen.
  5. Mayweathervs Conor McGregor
    While the four fights mentioned above were all about real action. The Mayweather-McGregor fight was all about money. And they succeeded. The fight generated $540 million and was reportedly close to reaching $1 billion.
    Fans were so hype about the fight due to the fact that McGregor is from the other discipline of combat sports, the mix martial arts. Aside from this were because of their personality. Both like to talk trash.
    It was overall, an entertainment. And again. Mayweather was victorious on a 10th-round knockout.
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