Who’s left hand is more powerful?
We’ve witnessed the greatness of NonitoDonaire Jr. In 2010’s he dominated his division and the boxing world. He was famous because of his deadly left hook.
A decade later, a new star has risen. Ryan Garcia is quickly becoming a superstar in boxing. Not only because he is unbeaten but also because of his left hand.
Suppose we are going to analyze their style. They are similar. Both have the hand and body speed plus the vicious left hand that can knock their opponents out cold.

Very similar, right? But who do you think has the better power with their left hand?
It is hard to decide. So we will let you dictate who in our comment section.
However, Garcia should not be too reliant on his left hook. Donaire has been in that situation before.
Being a one-dimensional fighter has its disadvantages.
For example, it is Deontay Wilder. He relied on his one-punch knockout power. However, he ran into Tyson Fury, who outsmarts and outboxed him, giving him no chance to unleash that punch. As a result, he was defeated.
Ryan Garcia needs to learn from that mistake of Donaire and Wilder to reach higher peaks in boxing.
The left hook is very dangerous, but he can develop other punches that have enough power to knock out opponents. This will make him even tougher to beat.

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