By Ponciano Melo Jr.

Who would have thought that Manny Pacquiao could have bid goodbye to the boxing world years ago? Probably all of us.
But seeing his last three fights justified his decision that he can still fight, win and go for more.
Pacquiao, who’s looking for the 62nd victory of his glorious career has preserved his body well enough like a well-oiled machine.
Like a superbly maintained supercar, Pacquiao at 40 just keeps on revving up.
The fighting Senator is all out in his training, scheduled for six weeks in California, all in preparation for his bout with undefeated American Keith Thurman Jr. on July 20, 2019.
With fight number 71 only less than a month away, Pacquiao, unfazed by the constant trash talk of his younger foe, is deadlocked in the last stretch of his training camp led by legendary coach Freddi Roach, strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune, and best friend trainer Buboy Fernandez.
It’s amazing to see how Pacquiao can still go hard at this stage in his career which saw its peak a decade ago, fortified by his “Fighter of the 2000s” award.
Fortune, adds another anecdote to Pacquiao’s lore as he said in an interview that the Pacman’s body has “freakish” metabolism which allows the eight-division world champion to burn the 7,000-calorie per day meals he consumes.
In an intimate meeting with the future Hall of Famer boxing icon at his mansion in Los Angeles, those closest to him share how the People’s champ prepares for his fights.
pacman thurman
Manny Pacquiao in his LA mansion as aunt Lilia stands in the background.
“His day will begin at 5 am,” as elaborated by his Auntie Lilia Lao, the one who’s taking care of his house in LA.
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The amiable aunt of Manny shares that Team Pacquiao will go for a jog in the park while the next day they’ll go uphill.
At 9 am they will return to his Mansion to eat, but “with a no pork policy,” says aunt Lilia.

The always humble champion will then talk to his visitors before going for a quick rest.
Sparring session starts at 1 pm at the Wild card gym that usually ends at 3 o’clock. Entertaining the media sometimes last longer than his sparring.
After dinner, the senator who also preached the gospel is doing a bible session for all the people on his mansion before they all take their rest.
This everyday routine of Manny Pacquiao has proven effective in maintaining his mind and body for the sports.

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