Skip Bayless is a known sports columnist and a strong critic of NBA superstar LeBron James.
Bayless had lashed out countless tirades to James regarding his game and his legacy but that suddenly ended when he praised the Los Angeles Lakers forward on Twitter.
“LeBron, CLUTCH,”Bayless wrote.

The tweet instantly went viral as most of the fans were shocked to see Bayless finally praising James.
The sudden turn of event was another 2020 surprise for everyone.
LeBron set a strong early tone in the 4th quarter, and the Lakers stepped it up on defense, but the truth is, the Rockets just started missing open threes. Lakers should thank their lucky stars for Russell Westbrick,” he added.
James has yet to respond on the post.

It took 17 years before the so-called ‘miracle’ happened.
Although James is not bothered of the previous criticisms, it is just unfair to not praise James who has four regular season MVPs, three championships and three Finals MVP. Aside from all of this is his current season at the age of 35 is leading the NBA in assists, not to mention that he led the Lakers to their first playoff stint since the late Kobe Bryant days.

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