Most of us have a reason or story for our chosen jersey number. Date of birth, number jersey of favorite players, and more.

Here are some of the most iconic jersey numbers and the players who wore them.

In the 80s, the number 32 are very famous. Some of the most notable players who wore the number are Earvin “Magic” Johnson of the Lakers and Blazers legend Bill Walton.

Following the number is 33. Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics wore the legendary number while battling Magic. Kareem Abdul-Jabar of the Lakers. Magic was wearing 33 in college, but because Jabar has already worn 33, he used it instead of number 32. The bad boys Knickerboxers also had the famous number 33 guys, Patrick Ewing.

Number 21. Former MVPs Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett have done this jersey number and sold millions of jerseys.

The most dominant number is probably number 34. Well, because it’s Shaquille O’Neal. Although Shaq played with a different number in a different team, all of them start with the number 3.

The Dream Hakeem Olajuwon is one of the iconic users of the number 34 as well. He led the Houston Rockets to a championship during the absence of Michael Jordan in the NBA.

And talking of Jordan, the most iconic number in sports history is number 23. MJ made it famous all across the globe. LeBron James even admitted he wore 23 because he idolized Jordan.

Additional is the Number 3, as you can notice all iconic number has number 3 in it and those who wore solo digit number 3 were legendary guards. Allen Iverson and Dwyane Wade.

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