Stephen Curry is continuously piling up the milestone on his remarkable NBA career after Under Armour announced that they would release a separate Curry brand.
Sounds familiar? This is what Nike did to Michael Jordan in 1997; they gave him his Jordan Brand.
According to UA Chief Executive Patrik Frisk, they are looking to launch the brand’s new line before starting the new NBA season, which will begin on December 22.
Curry has been with the brand since 2013, the year he began to change the NBA.
Under Armour rocketed in apparel and shoes thanks to the charisma and talent of the two-time NBA MVP. This time, the brand is looking to make Curry the brand’s face for a long time.
Meanwhile, LeBron James congratulated Curry on social media.
“Congrats, man!! Super dope and inspiring!!” he commented.
Under Armour was near Nike as a competitor.
But since Curry laced them up, their revenues went up high and global.

Curry brand will feature shoes and clothes not only for men but also for women. Basketball and golf apparel will be widely available when it makes its debut.
This is because Curry loves golf aside from basketball.

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