After a dominating victory against Kell Brook recently, Terrence “Bud” Crawford opened up that he remains hopeful of landing a Manny Pacquiao fight next.
The rumored fight between the two best welterweights first erupted a few years back, but it didn’t come to fruition.
Earlier in 2019, legendary promoter Bob Arum admitted that he killed the fight to protect Pacquiao. He believed Crawford would deal massive damage to the only eight-division world champion.
Although it was clear, Crawford insisted that he will reopen the talk to Arum.
They are looking at the Middle East to host the fight in 2021, possibly.
Can Pacquiao still go head-to-head to a prime Crawford?
Crawford is unbeaten after 37 fights, with 28 of it coming via way of knockout.
We all know Pacquiao can still fight top fighters, but will he stand such power as Crawford?
The American had won his last eight fights, all by knockouts.
Can a 42-year old Pacquiao overcome such a boxer?
The statement of Crawford about wanting the fight made the fans talked about it.
The news reached the Filipino champ looking to fight in the middle east in the early part of 2021.
Will he say yes for a Crawford fight? Or will Pacquiao choose Conor McGregor?
Crawford displayed a horrifying power against Brook, who only lasted for four rounds.
But whether it will happen or not, Crawford has high respect for Pacquiao. He has been waiting for the fight for years. Despite being one of the top pound-for-pound boxers, he is the one chasing Pacquiao, who is already in his father’s prime.
Will this be the first time we will see Pacquiao back out? Or will his warrior mentality prevails and make the fight possible?
One thing is for sure if the fight becomes a reality, it is a blockbuster, megafight!

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