One of the best pound-for-pound boxer Terrence Crawford expressed his willingness to fight UFC superstar Conor McGregor inside the Octagon with the MMA rules.
McGregor once tried to jump over from the UFC to the boxing, but none have tried the other way around. However, Crawford may be the first to do it.
“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” he said in an interview with Bleacher Report.
Earlier, Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum said that they open to the possibility of a two-fight deal with McGregor.
It means that Crawford and McGregor will fight in a boxing ring with boxing rules applied while the other fight will be inside the UFC octagon under the MMA rules.
It is weird, but it is a fair situation as both athletes will fight with their full strength at their respective sport.
However, it is rare to see Crawford fighting in mixed-martial arts, especially without any background in it.
MMA has grappling, takedowns, kick, and elbow, while boxing only allows the hands.
Another thing is that Crawford will need a lot of time not just to learn the sport but to be prepared enough in facing one of the UFC’s most incredible pride.
Will we be able to witness a weirder proposal in the future? Well, this is all for the attraction and to keep the sport kicking.

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