Would you ever believe that there were instances in boxing that it ended in just a blink of an eye?
Like, seconds after the very first bell, the fight is over.
The probability of this from happening is higher in other combat sports like mixed martial arts, wherein you can use any part of your body.
However, some exceptional boxers finished their opponents in under a minute.
A minute is too long, I guess; let’s rephrase it. I was winning a match in under 15 seconds!
The United Press International, known as the UPI, reportedly reported that the quickest knockout in boxing happened in 1947.
I know it is a bit hard to believe, but it is the truth.
It was the fight between Mike Collins and Pat Brownson at the Golden Gloves Tournament.
However, the victory was questioned because both boxers were not professional. Collins, who won in just four seconds, was not a pro, and he did not turn pro.
Another thing is the rule, Collins did knock down Brownson on his first punch, but there was no 10-count rule during that era. As soon as Brownson hit the canvass, the referee stopped the fight.
Pretty impressive, right?
Fast forward, for it to be acceptable, here are the fastest knockout ever recorded in professional boxing.
Ricky Party vs. Broderick Mason
They are both in the cruiserweight division. Party knockout Mason in just eight seconds!
But despite these amazing facts, they were not known because they were not significant in the sport.
Hall of Famer Evander Holyfield defeated the party who won in just eight seconds during his early career. He did not blossom; thus, this feat is not known very well.
However, it is still considered the fastest knockout in professional boxing history.

Another exciting thing is that none of the fastest knockouts ever came from the heavyweight division. We all know that heavyweights are capable of a knockout with a punch; however, it was the lower divisions who recorded the fastest knockouts ever.
This one is pretty known because it just happened in 2017. Zone Tete was a former champion before he was shocked by Filipino champion Johnriel Casimero.
But before he lost the belt, he made a great history with it—the fastest knockout in a title match.
Tete needed only 11 seconds to finish his opponent.
It was on the six-second mark that Tete hit Gonya with a loaded punch. The referee counted 5 seconds before waving off the fight.
Pretty insane, right?
I bet the fans in attendance had mixed emotions. Awe and disappointment because they paid for the ticket that lasted for only seconds. However, those fights were one of a kind!

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