The comeback fight of both legendary boxers, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., ended up in a draw after no one was sent to the canvass after eight rounds.

Tyson was throwing more punches and was the aggressor of the fight, but the WBC’s judging committee called it a draw.
Although both boxers were exhausted in the fight’s late rounds, Tyson was in better shape than Jones. Jones was already breathing heavily in the second round.
Jones admittedly that the body punches from Tyson made him catch his breath.
The fans, however, seem to have mixed reactions to the outcome of the fight.
Meanwhile, Jake Paul destroyed Nate Robinson in the co-main event of the fight. Paul showed a spurt of growth on his boxing arsenal as he put the debuting Robinson thrice on the canvass.
A left hook to the side of the face ended Robinson. In the second round, with face flat on the ground. His downfall was a mirror of Manny Pacquiao getting knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez.
A whamming hook in the side of the ear put Robinson down in the first round. He was able to get up, but he was feeling the pain of the punch.
Robinson tried to fight back, but he has many openings that Paul could take full advantage of. Another whamming hook put down Robinson, who was already having a hard time to get up. It did not take a minute before Paul delivered the final blow to win the match.

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