Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. expressed disappointment regarding the rules set for their exhibition match this coming 28th of November.
One of the rules annoyed both of them as he felt that a two-minute per round is only applicable to women.
That’s for women. Why we [only] fighting two-minute rounds? I don’t understand that. We’re not women. I’m not happy at all,” said Jones.
Tyson also released a similar statement.
I’m sure they have their reasons for doing it. The women fight for two minutes. But it’s not about me; there’s a charity [element] … I’m just happy we’re doing it,” he said.
The decision to cut time was due to both boxers’ age who are coming off from their retirement.
Tyson is already 54 years old, while Jones is 51.
Although both participants show incredible power and transformation in their training, the committee overlooking the match is still handing out strict rules for their safety.
Tyson and Jones are considered among the best boxers of the modern era. Undoubtedly they have a significant impact on the sport. They helped boxing become even more famous, and they elevate the sport to a whole new level.
While they expressed their say on the rules, they will abide by it.
Both boxers told that they would go all-out, but the organizers interfere as they want no boxer to get hurt.
Their fight is merely to demonstrate their style and that they can still box.
The world was turned upside down when he announced that he is coming back. His body transformation has become an inspiration.
Attracting millions of fans on his return is excellent; former boxers also got interested in coming back.
Evander Holyfield, Tyson’s rival, said he is coming back, but Jones got the fight.
Even Oscar Dela Hoya announced that he is coming back.
It is the very evidence that Mike Tyson still has that impact on the sports of boxing.
It is also a great way to showcase his capability to the young generation who couldn’t witness his dominance in the late ’80s and 90’s.
Meanwhile, Jones also had a great career.
However, he knows that Tyson is still a dangerous opponent, although they got older.
The rules set on them remind them that they are no longer what they are used to be.
But instead, they will fight to entertain the fans and to satisfy themselves.

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