Two legendary boxers have hit back at Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s recent rant about the boxing having too many belts.
Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. stressed their stand on the issue as they will have a special belt as a prize for their exhibition match, the “Frontline Battle Belt,” on November 28.
“I’m sorry, but it’s like drugs. I can’t say no. You offer me a title, and you got me. It doesn’t mean nothing to people like him, maybe, but it meant the world to me,” said Jones.
Meanwhile, Tyson agreed to the statement of his opponent by saying, “he said it all. It’s like drugs.”
For them, championship belts are the driving force of boxing. Of course, all boxers are dreaming to have belts wrapped around their waist.
Having that opportunity to fight in a title match will add motivation to any boxer. Pride and legacy will always be the priority of many boxers, not just the cash involved.
Jones made an example of their era that wanted all the belts while slamming Mayweather as well.
“First of all, I don’t give a damn what nobody says don’t get anything to do with me. I do what I do. My business is my business. I don’t care what nobody else says. This does not have anything to do with him. So he stays over there in his lane do what he do, let me do what I do,” he said.
‘Secondly, when I was fighting, I wasn’t like them. I went and got every belt possible that I could get in my weight class at the time. Mike did the same thing. We come from the old school. We want every belt you got.”
“I don’t care what kind of belt it is. It could be the Joe Patti Seafood belt. I want that. I don’t care. If you have a belt in my weight class, in my prime, I wanted that. So you think right now, you want to see me perform you put a belt on the line,” said Jones on an interview with Showtime. [Quotation from daily online.
Jones and Tyson have taken it seriously. For them, a belt is everything. It has your honor, pride, and legacy.

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