Different confining legends have gauged and said who they accept will end up as the winner. So who did any semblance of Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and Amir Khan pick as their champ?

George Foreman – Tyson Fury

The American boxing legend is Team Fury all the way.

Foreman told iFL TV: “That boy Tyson Fury, you’re going to have to bring everything you’ve got to beat him.

“I’m going, being honest with you – I just can’t see Joshua beating him.”

Floyd Mayweather – Undecided

The 50-0 boxer has shown love to Joshua on multiple occasions but has ultimately not predicted a winner.

Mayweather had this to say on Rob Moore’s “The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast”: “It’s a very intriguing match-up, you can never say what’s going to happen in the sport of boxing.

“Both guys are great competitors. Like I say, me and Anthony Joshua I talk on the regular, so I look forward to working with Anthony Joshua.”

Mike Tyson – Tyson Fury

Iron Mike has gone for his namesake to prevail in the Battle of Britain.

He told the BBC: “It’s very interesting, Joshua is a masterful puncher. But you can see his punches coming, he telegraphs his punches.

“And that’s just a recipe for disaster if you’re fighting Tyson Fury and you’re telegraphing your punches – to a guy whose 6ft 7in, come on.”

David Haye – Anthony Joshua (if Fury fights as he did against Deontay Wilder)

In an interview with Sky Sports, Haye said: “If Tyson Fury attacks Anthony Joshua in the same manner, in which he did in Vegas against Deontay Wilder, I don’t believe it works in his favour.

“I believe he’ll be too open, too wide and someone as fast, athletic, and as skilful as Anthony Joshua will be able to punch right through the middle and take him out, and take him out early.

“I know it’s a controversial prediction.”

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