Why is New York Knicks so good right now?

Started from the bottom, now we’re here. This is probably the perfect phrase to describe the New York Knicks right now.

After years of being talked about as one of the always bottom teams, the Knicks are finally winning. And no, they are not just winning; they are winning a lot.

The Knicks recorded a fantastic nine straight wins, the longest since we don’t know probably. And they are sitting in the top five in the Eastern Conference.

Reasons behind this?

They are all getting better, and they are sticking as a team.

Julius Randle, an all-star this year, is playing great basketball. He has been a consistent force with the Knicks, a big reason why they are thriving.

Head coach Tom Thibedeau has been coaching exceptionally well, significantly when he added the former MVP, the youngest one ever to do so, Derrick Rose to the Knicks.

What’s with Rose and his coach? What’s with their insane connection? The moment Rose came to their lineup, the whole squad changed.

Well, the cool thing that we only need to know is that they haven’t figured out yet how to stop the New York Knicks. Yes, you are right; the New York Knicks are a real threat.

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