Deontay Wilder has been chasing Tyson Fury ever since he’s defeated in February, but the tides have changed.
However, the chances of getting the trilogy are getting slimmer now that Anthony Joshua has agreed to fight the fellow British champion once he defeated Kubrat Pulev this week.
It means that the heavyweight division is going for the undisputed champion next.
So how can Wilder come in the picture and steal Fury away?
Well, he can do nothing in particular but to hope that Joshua will be defeated by Pulev come December 12.
It is the only scenario for Wilder to make the trilogy into a reality.
Simple because if Joshua loses, he is no longer worthy of being Fury’s opponent. He will lose his three belts making him not the ideal opponent for the WBC champion. Also, he will go.
Wilder will be the most suitable as he is the best contender available to fight Fury.
Bob Arum further elaborated on the possible situations.
“If Pulev beats Joshua, there’s no Joshua fight for Tyson Fury because Joshua has a rematch clause.
“At that point, Fury is out there looking for opponents, and I’d think the best available opponent would be Wilder.”
The legendary promoter also added that he thinks Pulev will knock out Joshua.
“Pulev can corner Joshua and take him out. I believe not only is Pulev going to win the fight, but he’s going to win it by knockout.”
All Wilder can do now is to train and watch come December 12 to see the fate of his 2021. Since February, he has been out of the ring, and he’s not making much noise than when he was the champ and still unbeaten.
Will we see a much improve Wilder? Will he learn to box, not just to lean on his knockout power? All of these are still a mystery as Wilder also became silent on social media on his training.
Nonetheless, it will be decided on Saturday (US TIME).

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