Two Filipino boxers went victorious in their last respective fights. Mark Magsayo scored a thunderous fourth-round knockout while JerwinAncajas defended his IBF belt via a unanimous decision.

The future is bright for them, but what are the possible steps they should take to align themselves to the path of greatness?

Magsayo remains undefeated, and he displayed huge improvement compared to his last fight. Legendary coach Freddie Roach acknowledged the development of his boxer. Meanwhile, Ancajas was tested but showed great poise as a champion who stole the big names’ attention in their division.

Is Mark Magsayo prepared for a title shot?

Not presently. Yet, the beneficial thing here is that the more he sits tight for a world title shot, the more drawn out his time under Freddie Roach would be. Something else that favorsMagsayo because the featherweight division isn’t excessively stacked with incredible gifts at this moment. Gary Russell Jr. is an excellent division right now as he holds the WBC belt. Emmanuel Navarrete has the WBO tie. Leo Santa Cruz previously climbed to super featherweight, leaving Can Xu as the WBA champion.

The most straightforward course of action for Magsayo would be the IBF course as it is right now empty, and Magsayo is now positioned fifth by the association.

Which battle would you need to see for Ancajas next?

The prevalent view in boxing circles is that Juan Francisco Estrada and Roman Gonzalez will be battling each other again after their tight fight a month ago. SrisaketSorRungvisai’s timetable seems to be more open as he has battled threefold during the pandemic all event in Thailand.

In any case, I figure the best course for Ancajas will be to bind together against Kazuto Ioka of Japan, who holds the WBO variant of the 115-pound belt. The victor of this matchup versus the champ of Gonzales versus Estrada would be the greatest battle in the division’s new history.

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