April 19, 2021BOXING 2630

Heavyweight champs: UFC’s Ngannouvs. boxing’s Fury

Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou have prodded a super heavyweight battle after the UFC champion reacted to the Gypsy King’s case that he would be ‘simple work’ after he beats Anthony Joshua. Ngannou was delegated heavyweight champion a month ago after avenging his 2018 loss to Stipe Miocic in Las Vegas, finishing a fantastic excursio …

April 19, 2021BOXING 2610

What’s next for JerwinAncajas and Mark Magsayo?

Two Filipino boxers went victorious in their last respective fights. Mark Magsayo scored a thunderous fourth-round knockout while JerwinAncajas defended his IBF belt via a unanimous decision. The future is bright for them, but what are the possible steps they should take to align themselves to the path of greatness? Magsayo remains undefeated, and he …

February 6, 2020John Melo @ BOXING 2270

John Melo with PINOY BOXERS

Prev 1 of 1 Next ***Naoya Inoue UMATRAS kay John Riel Casimero!??? BAKIT? ***Naoya Inoue HIMAMON ng kanyang PINOY sparring partner, JHON GEMINO! ***Parang PACQUIAO ang laban ni John Gemino only 2 weeks notice....Kalaban KNOCK OUT! ***Never UNDER ESTIMATE Manny PACQUIAO "PROTEGE" John Riel CASIMERO ***CASIMERO WILL FIGHT NAOYA INOUE NEXT!!! [MUST WATCH] ***Pinoy JHON GEMINO pinatulog ang kalaban! BUMIDA sa Wilder-Ortiz II! ***Jerwin Ancajas na TKO sa 6th Round ang KALABAN..Manny Pacquiao Promotion panalo ulit!!! ***Jerwin Ancajas IBF Super Flyweight Champ (5-3-2019) ***Filipino Boxing Superstar Jerwin Ancajas with JOHN MELO (5-4-19) ***FILIPINO JADE BORNEA TOOK A DECISION WIN OVER DELGADILLO ***Mark MAGSAYO READY TO REPLACE Manny PACQUIAO ? Prev 1 of 1 Next
February 6, 2020John Melo @ BOXING 2330


Prev 1 of 2 Next ***Manny Pacquiao Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr REMATCH 2 Warnings in 2020 ***Manny PACQUIAO VS Errol Spence Jr "LABAN MO, LABAN KO" ***Manny Pacquiao VS Floyd Mayweather Jr VS Jack Ma "Alibaba" ***MAYWEATHER IS BACK! Senior’s Thoughts | PACQUIAO-MAYWEATHER JR. REMATCH? ***I want Manny PACQUIAO VS Floyd MAYWEATHER Jr REMATCH 2 in 2020 ***Floyd MAYWEATHER Jr disses Manny PACQUIAO, who is the FACE of BOXING!!!! ***I want Manny PACQUIAO Vs Floyd MAYWEATHER Jr (REMATCH 2) The Kristal Hart Show ***Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao is BACK in JULY 2020 ??? ***Floyd Mayweather Jr is BUSINESSMAN therefore MAYWEATHER-PACQUIAO 2 REMATCH will HAPPEN in 2020 ***FLOYD MAYWEATHER’S NEXT OPPONENT IS KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV OR MANNY PACQUIAO ***Floyd MAYWEATHER MOCKS COVID 19 VICTIMS ***PACQUIAO & Mayweather Jr not included for 2020 Hall Of Famer Marquez, Hopkins & Mosley Prev 1 of 2 Next
February 6, 2020John Melo @ BOXING 2280

Manny “PACMAN” Pacquiao

Prev 1 of 12 Next ***MANNY PACQUIAO RECEIVED A HEAD OFF THREAT with Unified light Welterweight Champ JOSH TAYLOR ***GRABE!!! Pacquiao dinumog at pinagkaguluhan sa Universal Studios!!! ***Manny Pacquiao fan Hollywood STAR TELLI SWIFT! Deontay Wilder's fiancee from ZAMBALES! ***Round 5 TUMBA si Thurman! ***MEXICAN FANS LOVES Manny PACQUIAO!!! ***Manny PACQUIAO VS Errol Spence Jr "LABAN MO, LABAN KO" Manny PACQUIAO "PacDOG" Tragic Death ***Manny PACQUIAO in DANGER VS Genady "GGG" GOLOVKIN ! ***THOMASHEARNS a living legend boxer claims to bring hell against MannyPacquiao & FloydMayweatherJr ***Manny Pacquiao VS Mike Tyson training difference ***PACQUIAO DUTERTE INIYAKAN ang mga DOKTOR NA NAMATAY DAHIL SA CORONA VIRUS ***Chinese Boxer Xu Can defies Manny Pacquiao hand speed Prev 1 of 12 Next
February 6, 2020John Melo @ BOXING 2170

Manny Pacquiao VS Keith Thurman

Prev 1 of 2 Next ***Pacquiao hands Thurman first defeat, wins split decision by "Manila Standard News" July 21, 2019 NABALI at NADUROG nga ba ni Pacquiao ang ribs ni Thurman??? “Pacquiao & Jimuel” Agaw pansin sa Wild Card Gym!!! (Like Father,Like son) ***International Media sobrang hanga sa purong lakas ni Pacquiao kahit matangkad kayang kaya! ***Pacquiao handa ng pabagsakin si Thurman!!! ***Manny PACQUIAO VS Errol Spence Jr "LABAN MO, LABAN KO" ***Thurman pinagtawan ni Pacquiao at Media sa kanyang kayabangan ***Sikreto ni Pacquiao binulgar ng tiyahing si Lilia Lao ***Pacquiao & Thurman Arrival in Las Vegas ***Pacquiao gusto 'KAININ' si Thurman sa laban! Sabik na sabik ng bugbugin! ***Grabe!!! Bobby Pacquiao awang awa kay Thurman! ***Thurman sing lakas ng lindol sa kayabangan - PACQUIAO! Prev 1 of 2 Next
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